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You are in a bar. You see a woman you'd like to know better. What do you do? Well, try being bold, open and happy for starters. Women like guys who show a smile and even more than this, women like a guy who can laugh at himself and who can crack good jokes.

A few tips that could be helpful:

Assess the situation: Assess whether she is checking you out. Perhaps she's smiling or talking to her friends while looking at you. She will appreciate it if you send a drink or a plate of nachos her way with a few chuckles and smiles from you. Then go and own up and start talking.

Be careful if she is alone: This is a tough call. She may be waiting for someone. If not, well, she just isn't that insecure to be by herself and is most likely to appreciate a good chat, whether or not another guy is coming to meet her.

Decide what it means if she is dressed provocatively: Women who are interested in meeting someone might wear bold, solid colors like black, white or red. They also typically put a lot of effort into their hair, makeup and shoe selection. Mind you, women often do this for women too, so don't make assumptions.

Understand what it means if she is looking around a lot: If she's in her circle of friends and makes an effort to look at the guys passing by, you've got a potential pick-up.

React quickly if she looks bored or annoyed with her company: The guys she came with are argumentative and touching her and she has no out. This is your best situation to be the knight in shining armor.

Make eye contact: You've already established that she is available, so keep telling yourself that. This next step is key. If she looks at you and you look away nervously, good luck to you. You've already made a bad first impression. Keep a relaxed, flirtatious gaze. Don't stare and don't lock up and look like a psycho.

Clear your mind: Breathe. That oxygen is going to help you think on your toes and help you relax. Gulp it down politely. She may wonder if you are a fish otherwise.

Smile casually and say something casual: Remember, you are a stranger. There is no need to say something elaborate but at least form the words clearly - don't mumble or spit in anticipation.

Be relaxed and comfortable: This can be very difficult when picking up beautiful women, but if you can hide anxiety, no one will notice it.

Have a few questions and comments planned out: If you are nervous, stumbling around for what to say next can be haphazard at best. Make sure they're good ones too. Good conversation questions are casual and cannot be answered with yes or no. Such a question will generate more material to talk about.

Don't be too serious: You are out at a bar. She didn't come here to meet serious guys, she wants to have fun. In bars/clubs, serious guys stick out in a bad way. She won't want to be seen with you.

Be funny, and smile: This will break the ice, make you more attractive, and make her like you more as a person. If you are too nervous to think of funny stuff to say, you're going to have a tough time pulling it off.

Girls are almost always better at conversation than guys: But there's the possibility that you cannot get the flow going with her. If she's giving one word answers and there is no connection, it's best not to pursue. Even if it is "her fault" in your mind, she doesn't see it that way.

Most women want to attract you with something besides looks: If she's hot, every other chump has already told her that. So try to elicit her values or something personal and then reward her with a statement of interest for something besides her looks. So when she says she loves dogs, you can say "Wow, so you're compassionate AND sexy". However, only compliment her if you know she is already attracted to you.

Do not use routines that are not congruent with your image. You can, however, change your image, but it takes time and care. You are going to get shot down from time to time. That's life. Pick yourself up and try again.

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