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How to Make Orgasms Last Longer for Woman

While there's plenty of information out there about women who can't achieve orgasm, there isn't enough for women who have the opposite trouble. If a woman isn't multi-orgasmic and she achieves her finish too soon, she can end up with overly sensitive genitals that will actually feel pain when touched. This can mean the end of the evenings love making, even if her partner hasn't achieved his orgasm yet. Luckily, there are a few tips for how to last longer before orgasming for woman.

The first step in how to last longer before orgasming for woman is to understand what gets you off. If there is one particular position, or one way that your partner has of going down on you, that gets you off quickly, you'll want to avoid that experience until you're ready to come. Pay attention to how you feel right before your orgasm, and let your partner know to stop or slow down when you get close.

Trying new positions can be a good idea when figuring out how to last longer before orgasming for woman. For most women, clitoral stimulation can led to orgasm. Try out positions that don't allow your partner to come into close contact with your clitoris. You'll also find that being on top will align your sex together in a way that makes orgasming easier. As a result, try less direct methods like missionary position or rear entry.

Another option for how to last longer before orgasming for woman is to spend more time focusing on your partner. Give him an extra round of oral sex, or try something new like rubbing his scrotum. If you're not able to last quite as long as you'd like, you might simply try getting him off faster, so that your orgasms are more in line with one another's.

Switching positions and techniques in the middle of sex can be the key to how to last longer before orgasming for woman. Try one position for a time, until you feel yourself getting very excited. Then switch to another position. You might try intercourse with rounds of oral sex mixed in, to further delay the point of orgasm.

One option that many people enjoy when trying to learn how to last longer before orgasming for woman is to try anal sex. Many women don't get off during anal sex, and as such it's a great way to allow the man to have intercourse for as long as he'd like, without risk of the woman getting off too soon. Have the man anally penetrate until he's ready to finish, and then switch to vaginal intercourse or oral sex to achieve each other's orgasms.

Of course, for many women, the best option is not to learn how to last longer before orgasming for woman, but to actually learn to achieve multiple orgasms. A key to doing this is to give yourself a break after you've orgasmed. Instead of trying to immediately go at it again, stop and cuddle for a few minutes, or perform oral sex on your partner. You might find that after a period of time, you're willing, ready and able to continue having sex.

When you're learning how to last longer before orgasming for woman, you want to experiment with different options. Try changing positions frequently so that you never quite get to the point of no return. Be sure to try plenty of oral, and mix it up frequently. Learn you boundaries and your signals that you're about to have an orgasm, and communicate with your partner so that he can give you a rest.

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