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How to Increase Sexual Intimacy

Through Touch

Sexual touch is not about orgasm, sexual touch is about exploration. Exploring with touch is a subtle and intimate activity. How would you like to increase the intimacy with your partner through touch therapy for love that you truly desire? Exploring sexual touch with your partner can be a wonderful way to deepen sexual intimacy, and discover new aspects of your own sexuality. Try not to think of it as another technique to get to some end point. Some people consider this kind of exploration to be "energy work" or "spiritual sex", but it isn't necessary to name it in that way order to do it. Your energy level is important for touching. Donít try to have this kind of sex when youíre tired or when you are too hyper.

A few simple tips you can follow:

  • Take your time. Make a date to do this when there wonít be many distractions.
  • Just clear your mind. Try to clear your mind before you start this kind of sex.
  • The important thing is taking time for touch. Exploring with touch is a subtle and intimate activity.
  • Think about exploring touch with your partner almost as a kind of meditation
  • Show up your intimacy. Make your partner comfortable. Start off with a hot bath, give them some time to themselves
  • Setting up the mood is the key to increase intimacy. Make the lighting soft, make sure the room temperature is comfortable. The goal is to create an atmosphere that will take you both to a deeper level of relaxation, but not distract either of you from experiencing what is happening between you.
  • Tell her to close her eyes. Exploring sexual touch is a unique experience because in some ways it is an intense solitary sexual experience that you do together.
  • Take time to take in your partnerís entire body. If you donít have impaired vision, look at your partnerís body as they are lying there.
  • Touch with different parts of your body. You might want to start with the tips of your fingers, or the back of your hand, or the side of your wrist.
  • Experiment with different kinds of touch. You can draw one finger slowly along your partnerís thigh, or let the back of your hand trail along their belly.
  • Talk to your partner and tell them about a few parts of their body you love.
  • Begin touching your partner. You can start on any part of the body. But start with the smallest amount of touch you can do while actually making skin to skin contact.
  • Pay close attention. Notice both your partnerís reactions to your touch and how it feels to you. Pay attention to how it feels for her.
  • Make your partner comfortable. If your partner has chronic pain, make sure they are in a comfortable position.
  • Create a relaxing atmosphere. Dim the lights, turn on some soft music.
  • Compliment your partner. Tell them about a few parts of their body you love.
  • Touch your partner in the quietest and most subtle way you can.
  • Touch with different parts of your body.
  • Identify the exact locations on your spouseís body for both the exposed areas and the Ďclothedí areas. How does your spouse like to be touch? This will vary greatly from person to person.
  • Find out what turns on your spouse. This is the meeting of the minds.
  • Find out what turns on your spouse emotionally. The male and female sees events and react differently.
  • Play with the intensity of the touch. Switch back and forth between firm and vigorous touch to soft and gentle touch. Avoid any quick changes in how you are touching. Try to make any transitions slowly so that youíre partner isnít even aware of them.
  • Add more touch. If youíve started with your fingers or one hand, use your other hand, or gently use your leg or a foot to press against a different part of your partnerís body. There isnít one way to do this, but increase the kinds of touching you are doing.

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