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How to Have the Best Orgasms for Woman

Many women have trouble achieving orgasm. Those who are lucky enough to get off easily often think that simply being able to come is enough. The truth, however, is that there are ways to have even more intense orgasms. Following are a few ideas to get you off even harder than you have before.

How to Have the Best Orgasms for Women Get Ready

When you were first learning to have an orgasm, it's likely that foreplay played a huge role. Typically when you're learning to have sex with a new partner, your first few sexual sessions will include hours of foreplay. However, too often once the orgasm is achieved a few times, this foreplay falls by the wayside. While you might be able to get off without it, you'll have a much more intense orgasms during sessions where you took the time to get warmed up first.

How to Have the Best Orgasms for Women Get Moist

Foreplay is the best way to get wet and ready for sex. However, using lubes can help as well. Even if you find yourself dripping wet in anticipation of sex, lubes can add another layer of friction that will make your masturbation or love making session even more intense. Experiment with different types of lube to see which ones work best for you. One thing to remember though not all lubes are safe to be used with condoms. Make sure you're staying safe.

How to Have the Best Orgasms for Women Get Moving

If you're trying to achieve more intense orgasms during sex, you'll want to focus on some of the positions that work best for women. Typically these are positions that give the woman the most control and allow her some clitoral stimulation. The reverse cowboy position, where a woman rides a man facing away from him, is a good option. It allows either the man or the woman to rub the clitoris, while the woman has total control over the depth and speed of penetration. Experiment with different positions until you find one that hits you just the right way.

How to Have the Best Orgasms for Women Get Vibrating

Using sex toys can be one of the best ways to achieve an extremely intense orgasm. Buy a toy that has various speeds. This allows you to start off slow and gradually build up to your orgasm. Consider toys that stimulate the clitoris while also penetrating. There are toys out there that are specifically designed to hit your G-Spot as well. If you're new to toys, it's best to start with something simple and experiment with new toys once you start to feel more comfortable.

How to Have the Best Orgasms for Women Get In Your Head

For a woman, much of the sexual experience is emotional. This doesn't mean that you have to be madly in love to achieve a killer orgasm, but it does mean that you need to feel comfortable and confident. Be sure that you're with a lover who appreciates and loves your body. Ask him to tell you how amazing you feel and how much he loves being inside of you. These simple words can drive you crazy as you realize how much he loves getting you off.

Having the most intense orgasms comes with practice and experimentation. No two women are exactly alike and finding the best way to get off hard means learning about your body and what gets it excited. Be open minded and flexible, and keep trying new things until you find that perfect combination of foreplay, penetration and emotional stimulation.

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