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How to Find a Woman's Erogenous Zones

Every woman's body is different from that of another. If you want to be a good lover, it's important that you work on how to find a woman's erogenous zones. The techniques that will drive one woman wild won't necessarily be the same techniques that would do so for another. Each time you experience a new lover, you will need to follow a few tips to find her special zones.

When you're first learning how to find a woman's erogenous zones, you want to focus on foreplay. Too often men will move directly towards the breasts or sex, without paying enough attention to other areas. For many women, the head and scalp are extremely sensitive. As you're first kissing your lady, run your hands through her hair. Grab the back of her hair at the nape of her neck and form your fist into a ball, gently tugging on the back of her head. If you hear a moan or sexy gasp from her, you've likely found a special spot.

A woman's ears are also filled with sensitive nerve endings. As you're working to learn how to find a woman's erogenous zones, pay special attention to her ears. Most women with sensitive ears will enjoy having their earlobes sucked or nibbled on. Try running your tongue around the outside of her ear and see how she reacts. If you feel her breathing speed up or a hear sharp intake of her breath, continue what you're doing, exploring around the entire outer ear.

As you're spending time learning how to find a woman's erogenous zones, you should also spend plenty of time on her lips. While most men know that kissing is a prerequisite to being a good lover, they don't always realize that it can take more than a few gentle kisses. Try nibbling on her lips, sucking on them gently and covering her entire mouth with kisses. Different women like to be kissed differently, but the general rule is that you don't want to be gentle, nor do you want to be too firm or rough either. Follow her lead and pay attention to the clues she gives you.

You'll also want to be sure to pay special attention to her neck. Kiss her softly at the nape of her neck, moving towards the front. While you're working on how to find a woman's erogenous zones, you'll likely find a sweet spot about three inches down from her ear lobe. Her jawbone can also be a highly sensitive area. Try kissing, sucking and nibbling around her neck until you get the response you're looking for. Be careful not to suck or bite too hard, as you don't want to leave your mark on her.

One helpful tip as you're discovering how to find a woman's erogenous zones is to turn her over on her stomach. Kiss your way down her spine, making her shiver in anticipation. Having her lie on her stomach also gives you access to the back of her neck and her buttocks. Keep her hands at her sides and gently massage and kiss your way around her body, until you have her begging for more.

As you can see, the key to learning how to find a woman's erogenous zones doesn't begin and end with her breasts and genitals. Instead, you want to focus on some of the areas of her body that have likely been neglected in the past. You might find that you're the first man who's ever shown her how good it can feel to have an attentive lover, who takes his time to find all of her special spots.

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