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How to Explore Sexual Fantasies

In any relationship, there are many elements that will work together to create a successful relationship. In a romantic relationship, sexual pleasure is a big part of success. If you feel that you and your partner aren't connecting sexually the way you once were, or you'd simply like to take your sex life to another level, learning how to explore sexual fantasy role play can be a great option.

The first thing you want to do to learn how to explore sexual fantasy role play is to open the lines of communication. When it comes to this type of sex play, it's essential that both parties feel comfortable sharing their interests and limits with their partners. If one person is feeling uncomfortable, it's likely that the experience won't be entirely positive for both parties. Broach the subject carefully and if your partner seems interested, you can move on to share more intimate details of your fantasies.

A good tip for learning how to explore sexual fantasy role play is for you and your partner to make a list of all of the roles you can think of. This list would include things like doctor/patient, father/daughter, teacher/student and any other pairings you can imagine. Once your list is complete, you'll each need to indicate to one another which pairings on the list you're interested in, which ones you wouldn't mind trying out and which fantasies are beyond the limits with which you feel comfortable.

Many couples also find that pornography can be a great way to learn how to explore sexual fantasy role play. Often one member of a couple with have an idea for a role play that the other partner doesn't feel completely excited by, only to try it out and find that they love it. Take a look at movies that involve this type of role play, or find erotica to read online. Discuss the situations that turn you on most and share any turn offs you notice. This can provide an excellent frame of reference as you begin the journey together.

For the most part, you'll want to start off small. Many sexual role play scenarios involve costumes or other people. Most couples find that as they're first beginning to learn how to explore sexual fantasy role play, it's best to start small. Keep it simple and try out an easy and comfortable role play first. This can help you both warm up to the idea and find out what turns you on and how to best go about certain fantasies.

As you begin to learn how to explore sexual fantasy role play, you'll need to keep the lines of communication open, explaining what you like and what you don't like. However, you need to make a point to continue to do so as the fantasies progress. Too often one member of the couple will be into a scenario in the beginning, but find that once it's gone too far they're uncomfortable telling their partner so. You should openly discuss your sex life and any new elements you're adding, to make sure that they're working for the both of you.

One last thing to keep in mind as you learn how to explore sexual fantasy role play is that you should always have an out. Most couples choose a safe word. If they're ever uncomfortable or simply want to stop the fantasy, all they have to do is utter this word. Their partner should instantly stop, come out of their role and be willing to discuss the situation with their partner. This helps to keep both partners safe and comfortable, as they know they have complete control over the situation.

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