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How to Achieve Multiple Male Orgasms

Most women have the ability to achieve several orgasms during a single session of masturbation, or love making with their partner. While this can be a wonderful experience for the woman, it's always been a bit of a problem because most men don't know how to achieve multiple male orgasms. In fact, many men don't think it's even possible. The truth though, is that with the proper technique and practice, men can in fact learn how to achieve multiple male orgasms.

The first step in learning how to achieve multiple male orgasms is to understand what your goal really is. Many men think that having multiple orgasms means ejaculating multiple times. However, the real goal is to achieve the feeling of orgasm without the ejaculation. This allows the man to stay hard and continue on, achieving several orgasms before finishing.

In order to begin to understand the difference, you'll want to start paying close attention to your body when you masturbate. There is a moment referred at as 'the point of no return' that you should be especially careful to notice. This point is right when the pleasure of the orgasm begins, but immediately before you begin to ejaculate. Your goal is to pinpoint this exact moment, so that as you continue with your exercises on how to achieve multiple male orgasms, you can reach this point and feel the pleasure of an orgasm, without actually ejaculating.

Another helpful tip to help you learn how to achieve multiple male orgasms is to strengthen your PC muscles. You can do this in several ways, the easiest and most common way being through Kegel exercises. You will want to contract this muscle that's located within your penis. It is the same muscle that will contract and expand when you urinate. To begin working with this muscle, simply begin to start and stop your urine flow. This will help to increase your control over this muscle.

When you feel the muscle become stronger and you're more able to control it, you'll begin trying to exercise it while masturbating. Get yourself to the point of orgasm and then squeeze that muscle to prevent ejaculation. You'll then want to take a few deep breaths and stop for a moment or two. You can then begin again. Slowly bring yourself back to the point of orgasm and again, hold back when you feel yourself about to ejaculate. Do this as many times as you can before finally letting go and coming.

While there are several exercises that will help you learn how to achieve multiple male orgasms, no matter which exercise or exercises you try, the most important factor is practice. It's usually easiest to practice during masturbation, as most people find that they are better able to control their own ejaculation.

Another important thing to remember as you're working on learning how to achieve multiple male orgasms is that you must do your best to not stress yourself out. Often men will become so focused on the goal at hand that the process isn't even pleasurable anymore, which will completely defeat the purpose of having several orgasms. Be sure to take your time and breathe deeply to ensure that you're maintaining maximum control and relaxation.

If you follow the above steps on how to achieve multiple male orgasms, you will eventually become successful. If you find the process difficult at first, don't lose heart. Simply keep practicing and you will see progress. Many men find that they have a breakthrough moment where they're finally able to achieve an orgasm without ejaculation and from then on out, it's easy going and smooth sailing.

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